Why I No Longer Offer Mini Sessions Year Round

Why I No Longer Offer Mini Sessions

I’ve done it. I no longer offer mini sessions year round. Why???

Because I started thinking about YOU! You are probably like, wait, what? Yes. So here’s the truth. I’ve done mini sessions for several years. I’m not trying to bash my fellow photographer friends. Many of them are very successful with mini sessions. Mini sessions are great and can be super creative, and can even capture some really cute photographs in a short amount of time. However, not long ago I realized that they are not personal.

What does that mean?

Well, I’ve been doing tons of research on how to make my clients and future clients happy. I determined that mini sessions are quick and easy, BUT I don’t get the opportunity to meet you. Also to learn who you really are. What it is that you love and like. What do you do everyday. Who makes you, you. I also don’t get the chance to learn about your home. How you have it decorated. What your likes and dislikes are, and most importantly what you plan or want to do with the photographs you receive. Yes, I could create a lengthy questionnaire for you to fill out online or to mail to me, but there again, it’s impersonal.

Furthermore an important detail I need to know that I can’t get from offering mini sessions….What do you want from me? That is huge. How can I possibly be everything you want me to be if I don’t get to know you?

Stop and think about YOU!!!!

There are millions of photographers world wide. All offering the same thing. A photograph. Have you ever sat down with a photographer and actually felt like you were instant friends. Getting to know one another over coffee, tea, or chocolate covered strawberries. Actually talking about what your final artwork will look like. Where you would love to put it. How you would love to share it with everyone who comes in your home. Can you get all of that from a mini session? Most likely your answer is no.

Also, after your mini session. How do you receive your photographs? Do you view them in an online gallery (how I’ve always done until now)? Do you just get an email with the photographs to download to sit on your phone, tablet, or computer? What do you do with these digital photographs once you have them? So many questions, but I am willing to bet that you show them on social media, and then that’s about it. As a result, no artwork to add to your walls. No gorgeous albums to look through with your kids and grand kids. I will admit that I am even guilty of not printing my digital photographs.

Therefore, all these things are hopefully making you stop and think. It’s ok if all you want is a quick in and out session. Like I said, I have tons of photographer friends who do this, BUT what I hope you understand why I have decided to not offer year round mini sessions anymore. From this point forward, I am a full service, luxury, fine art photographer wanting to design photography sessions and artwork all about you, and what you deserve!

I Would Love To Know Your Thoughts

Be sure to comment below. I can’t make this about you, without you telling me what you think!

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Best Friend Mini Sessions

Best Friend Mini Sessions   |   Gunter, Celina, Prosper, Dallas Photographer


Do you have a best friend? Does your child have a best friend? Perhaps more than one best friend. Well, I am oh so very excited to announce my next round of mini sessions. Best friend mini sessions are probably going to end up being my very favorite mini sessions to date. I am guaranteeing tons of laughter, and a lifetime to treasure this friendship!

Instagram Best Friend Mini Promo

Here is what you get:

(25) minutes of sheer fun

(5) high resolution digital images with a print release and the opportunity to purchase more

A moment of your life captured with your best friend or friends!


For $100, you can have up to 4 of your closest friends with the option of up to 6 total people. The 5th and/or 6th person will be an additional $25 per person.

Best Friend Minis are for all ages and there is an online gallery for sharing and picking your images to download directly to your computer

Reserving your session is easy. You have a choice of either paying a deposit of $50 within 48hrs of picking your date and time, and then paying the balance of $50 (or $75 or $100 if friends are added) the day of your session, or you are welcome to pay the entire fee of $100 (or $125 or $150 if additional friends are added) at the time of reserving your session.

Dates and locations:

Friday July 24th – Celina, TX

Thursday July 23rd – Frisco, TX

Friday July 31st – Gunter, TX

Times for all dates:

6:30, 7, 7:30, & 8pm

To reserve your Best Friend Mini Session, click HERE

Deposit is nonrefundable, but transferable within 6 months of original scheduled date

Due to the nature of this service and products, all sales are final, and there will be no refunds once your gallery has been posted

All high resolution digital images are sized at a 8×10 sized image. If you are wanting a larger sized digital image, I offer larger prints and canvases, or you can purchase a higher pixel.

At the time of your session, I will ask that you sign a model release so that I can post pictures on my blog, instagram, pinterest, and facebook pages. After your session, I will then post sneak peeks (if you have signed the release for facebook). Then I typically take 2-3 weeks to get through the pictures and make them perfect for you! Once that is done, I will email you a password protected link and a special promo code to an online gallery to be able to view your pictures, and select your 5 images for download. You will also be able to choose additional digital images, prints, or products. Your online gallery will be open for 14 days. Once that time has expired, there will be a $50 charge to reopen your gallery. You will be able to download your images shortly afterwards, and I will order your prints/products, which may take 10-15 business days to come in.