Why I No Longer Offer Mini Sessions Year Round

Why I No Longer Offer Mini Sessions

I’ve done it. I no longer offer mini sessions year round. Why???

Because I started thinking about YOU! You are probably like, wait, what? Yes. So here’s the truth. I’ve done mini sessions for several years. I’m not trying to bash my fellow photographer friends. Many of them are very successful with mini sessions. Mini sessions are great and can be super creative, and can even capture some really cute photographs in a short amount of time. However, not long ago I realized that they are not personal.

What does that mean?

Well, I’ve been doing tons of research on how to make my clients and future clients happy. I determined that mini sessions are quick and easy, BUT I don’t get the opportunity to meet you. Also to learn who you really are. What it is that you love and like. What do you do everyday. Who makes you, you. I also don’t get the chance to learn about your home. How you have it decorated. What your likes and dislikes are, and most importantly what you plan or want to do with the photographs you receive. Yes, I could create a lengthy questionnaire for you to fill out online or to mail to me, but there again, it’s impersonal.

Furthermore an important detail I need to know that I can’t get from offering mini sessions….What do you want from me? That is huge. How can I possibly be everything you want me to be if I don’t get to know you?

Stop and think about YOU!!!!

There are millions of photographers world wide. All offering the same thing. A photograph. Have you ever sat down with a photographer and actually felt like you were instant friends. Getting to know one another over coffee, tea, or chocolate covered strawberries. Actually talking about what your final artwork will look like. Where you would love to put it. How you would love to share it with everyone who comes in your home. Can you get all of that from a mini session? Most likely your answer is no.

Also, after your mini session. How do you receive your photographs? Do you view them in an online gallery (how I’ve always done until now)? Do you just get an email with the photographs to download to sit on your phone, tablet, or computer? What do you do with these digital photographs once you have them? So many questions, but I am willing to bet that you show them on social media, and then that’s about it. As a result, no artwork to add to your walls. No gorgeous albums to look through with your kids and grand kids. I will admit that I am even guilty of not printing my digital photographs.

Therefore, all these things are hopefully making you stop and think. It’s ok if all you want is a quick in and out session. Like I said, I have tons of photographer friends who do this, BUT what I hope you understand why I have decided to not offer year round mini sessions anymore. From this point forward, I am a full service, luxury, fine art photographer wanting to design photography sessions and artwork all about you, and what you deserve!

I Would Love To Know Your Thoughts

Be sure to comment below. I can’t make this about you, without you telling me what you think!

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Glitter Mini Sessions

Glitter mini sessions have been a favorite for all girls in the past 3 years. I love the mess it causes, I love the girls getting dressed up in the pretty tutu gowns, and best of all I love the natural smiles and laughter it brings.

Each year I try to add a couple of details to make them even better, and sure enough this year I plan to make it even more fun! I have arranged for a licensed hair stylist to be on site to style their hair prior to their session, guaranteeing to make them feel even more special. What girl doesn’t love being pampered and getting to play in glitter? Hair styling is included in the session fee, along with the Tutu Du Monde dresses, crowns and accessories, and of course the GLITTER!!

Sessions are held in Gunter at my home. The glitter can be super messy, so I recommend you bring a towel or 2 for car. I will have an assistant available to help get as much glitter off as possible prior to leaving.

What to know:

• Sessions are 15 minutes long & good for 2 people at a time. Let me know if you will have more than 2. There is a discount for 2 or more sessions reserved times

• Session Fee is $200 & due at the time of reserving

• 3 digital photos come with the session, with the option to purchase more. You choose from an online gallery of 15 – 20 photos. The online gallery will be emailed 1 – 3 weeks after the session for you to view and choose your photos

• Hair styling is included, and you will need to arrive 45 prior to your scheduled glitter session time

• Children 3 and younger will play with confetti instead of glitter

• Tutu Du Monde dresses are in sizes 1 – 16

How To Reserve:


Click on the link above. It will take you to sessions that are being offered right now. Click below the glitter picture on the box that says Reserve This Session. Choose a time best for you, but remember that you will actually need to be here 45 minutes earlier than the time you choose so that they can have their hair styled! Once you click on the box to reserve, follow the steps to “check out.” If you are one of the 1st 3 to reserve, use the coupon code GLITTER15 for 15% off the session.

2019 Glitter & Spring Minis

Spring Minis

About these sessions:

Mini Sessions are $200 plus tax. Signing my contract and full payment reserves your spot, which is non-refundable, but transferable towards another mini session or full session within 1 year. If payment is not received within 48 hours your spot will reopen.

These sessions are indoors at my home studio, or outdoors at a special location. I do not reschedule until the day of if there is expected bad weather in the forecast.

Each session is 10 – 15 minutes, depending on the theme/type. Please be sure to arrive about 10 minutes early to ensure your session starts on time. If you are late, sadly I will not be able to extend your time because of the multiple sessions scheduled. Thank you for understanding!

These mini sessions comes with 3 digital images printable up to 8×10 with the opportunity to purchase more on your online gallery. If you would like to purchase more, Collections that contain digital images, start at $500.

Each themed mini session is unique as to timing, how many can be in each session, pricing, etc.. Please be sure to check out the information per mini session to make sure it fits your needs!

Glitter Minis: 4/7/19 starting at 2:30

To reserve this session, check out the Reserving information below

Glitter minis are back!! Bring your daughters to have their hair styled, get dressed up in a beautiful Tutu du Monde tutu dress, put on a couple of my crowns, and play in some GLITTER!!! This session has provided lots of creativity, laughter, and some dance moves that make for an incredibly fun time! Location will at my home in Gunter! Be prepared for glitter to be everywhere! I will provide an area to get as much glitter off as possible before going home. Hair styling will be included in this session, and will begin 45 minutes prior to the session to ensure plenty of time. Please have your daughter wear a button up shirt to the session.

Due to safety, all children 3 and under will use confetti instead of glitter

  • Tutu du Monde dresses, hair styling, crowns, & glitter are all provided and included in the session fee. I have sizes 1 up to 14
  • Sessions are 15 minutes long. Please arrive 45 minutes early in order to have her hair styled, to change, and be ready by the scheduled time
  • Full payment and contract signing are due at the time of reserving
  • This session is intended for no more than 2 girls per session
  • Session comes with 3 digital image files printable up to an 8×10

Floral & Tire Swing Minis: 4/27/19 starting at 6:45

To reserve this session, check out the Reserving information below

These minis are for boys and girls!!!! Yippee!!! Location will be in Gunter. An email will go out once the perfect spot has been found!

  • This mini session is 15 minutes long. Please arrive 10 minutes early
  • Full payment & signed contract are due at the time of reserving
  • Payment reserves your spot, is nonrefundable, and if not paid within 48 hours of reserving, your reservation will be canceled
  • Choice of using the floral swing, the tire swing, or both!!
  • Tutu du Monde and Dollcake dresses are provided for girls
  • Boys are recommended to be shirtless with jeans or overalls
  • Each session comes with 3 digital images that can be printed up to an 8×10 with the option to purchase more from your online gallery
  • Each session is intended for no more than 2 children at a time. 

Family Spring Minis: 5/4/19 starting at 6:45pm 

To reserve this session, check out the Reserving information below

This is the opportunity for simple spring minis with all the fresh spring colors. Location will be determined, but I will look for a spot here in Gunter that has beautiful flowers! These sessions can be for families, seniors, or children.

  • This mini is 15 minutes long good for a family of 5 or less at a time.
  • Each mini session comes with 3 digital images printable up to an 8×10. Session will take place on property filled with several options, including wildflowers in or near Gunter!
  • Full payment and signing the attached contract are due at the time of reserving. If payment isn’t received within 48 hours, your reservation will be canceled


When you are reserving your session, if you click on the date and a time, but decide you want to change that time or date, be sure to delete it from your cart before trying to choose a different option. Why it does that, I have no idea, but it does.

For payment on your deposit or full amount, here are step by step instructions for your invoice: Paypal is the online payment management that I use. You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay your deposit.

On your invoice, there are 2 payment options; the full amount, or just the deposit. Click the blue box next to the one you are choosing to pay. It will then send you to the top of the invoice that will have all of your demographics. You’ll see a payment amount if you clicked the Pay Now blue button next to the deposit amount, or if you choose to Make A Payment blue button, you can choose what payment you want to make, minimum of the deposit, or up to the full amount. Then click continue when everything looks right. Next you will click, To Pay with Paypal – Click Here. It will redirect you to the Paypal sign in page. Look below the Log In blue button, and you should see a grey box with Pay with Debit or Credit Card. If you do not have a Paypal account, that is the one you will choose.

Can’t wait to see you! Don’t forget to refer friends for you to be able to earn $25 per referral that can apply towards another sessions or products, up to $175!!

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