Why I No Longer Offer Mini Sessions Year Round

Why I No Longer Offer Mini Sessions

I’ve done it. I no longer offer mini sessions year round. Why???

Because I started thinking about YOU! You are probably like, wait, what? Yes. So here’s the truth. I’ve done mini sessions for several years. I’m not trying to bash my fellow photographer friends. Many of them are very successful with mini sessions. Mini sessions are great and can be super creative, and can even capture some really cute photographs in a short amount of time. However, not long ago I realized that they are not personal.

What does that mean?

Well, I’ve been doing tons of research on how to make my clients and future clients happy. I determined that mini sessions are quick and easy, BUT I don’t get the opportunity to meet you. Also to learn who you really are. What it is that you love and like. What do you do everyday. Who makes you, you. I also don’t get the chance to learn about your home. How you have it decorated. What your likes and dislikes are, and most importantly what you plan or want to do with the photographs you receive. Yes, I could create a lengthy questionnaire for you to fill out online or to mail to me, but there again, it’s impersonal.

Furthermore an important detail I need to know that I can’t get from offering mini sessions….What do you want from me? That is huge. How can I possibly be everything you want me to be if I don’t get to know you?

Stop and think about YOU!!!!

There are millions of photographers world wide. All offering the same thing. A photograph. Have you ever sat down with a photographer and actually felt like you were instant friends. Getting to know one another over coffee, tea, or chocolate covered strawberries. Actually talking about what your final artwork will look like. Where you would love to put it. How you would love to share it with everyone who comes in your home. Can you get all of that from a mini session? Most likely your answer is no.

Also, after your mini session. How do you receive your photographs? Do you view them in an online gallery (how I’ve always done until now)? Do you just get an email with the photographs to download to sit on your phone, tablet, or computer? What do you do with these digital photographs once you have them? So many questions, but I am willing to bet that you show them on social media, and then that’s about it. As a result, no artwork to add to your walls. No gorgeous albums to look through with your kids and grand kids. I will admit that I am even guilty of not printing my digital photographs.

Therefore, all these things are hopefully making you stop and think. It’s ok if all you want is a quick in and out session. Like I said, I have tons of photographer friends who do this, BUT what I hope you understand why I have decided to not offer year round mini sessions anymore. From this point forward, I am a full service, luxury, fine art photographer wanting to design photography sessions and artwork all about you, and what you deserve!

I Would Love To Know Your Thoughts

Be sure to comment below. I can’t make this about you, without you telling me what you think!

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2017 Spring Mini Sessions

2017 Spring Mini Sessions

Spring Mini Sessions are here and ready to reserve!!! I am super excited about spring minis this year. Last year I found the very best wildflower spot in Richardson. You will definitely want to try to grab a spot for that one, but if you can’t I am offering a few other locations that will be wonderful also! As of right now, I have 3 different dates to choose from, but could potentially add more depending on needs! You know I am always trying to help you out! Spring mini sessions are great for just about anything…..engagements, birthday, family, just because, milestones, etc.! I will be bring a couple of props, if needed for the kids, but if this is a birthday, you will need to supply whatever special item you want in the pictures, for example, balloons. I cannot do a cake smash though.

So, what you need to know:

•   Spring Mini Sessions are 20 minutes long. Be sure to arrive 5 – 10 minutes early because I want you to be able to get your full 20 minutes!

•   Spring Mini sessions are $150. 50% due at the time of reserving, and the other 50% is due before or at the time of the session. If you do not pay the 50% deposit within 48 hours of reserving, your spot will be canceled. The 50% reservation deposit is nonrefundable, but transferable to a different mini session or full session. However if you do transfer the deposit, it will be applied to whatever is part of that session you reserve. For example, Christmas mini session. You transfer your deposit to a Christmas mini session. You will get what comes with that particular session vs what comes with this mini session. Or if you transfer to a full session, you will be reserving that session, but not get the 3 digital images that come with this session. When submitting payment, it sends you to Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay. There is an option to simply enter your credit card information.

•   Spring mini sessions are great for no more than 5 people per session. For example, a family of 5….2 parents and 3 kids. I have found that more than 3 kids per mini session can be very overwhelming, and could potentially not allow sufficient time to capture them at their best. You are welcome to reserve back to back mini sessions if you like!

•   You will choose and receive 3 digital images with this mini sessions, and the option to purchase more from your online gallery! I typically edit 15 – 25 images for mini sessions.


To Reserve Your Session:

Pick a time and date by clicking “Reserve Your Session.” If you happen to click the wrong time or date, be sure to click on the Cart Icon and delete it out of your cart. Otherwise, if you choose a different time, you will have 2 sessions in your cart. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me [email protected]

Once you have picked a date and time, you will be asked to checkout as a guest, or login in. If you have reserved a session with me before, then you should have a login in with me. If you are not sure of your login name and password, contact me so that I can give it to you! If you are new to JLP, checkout as a guest, enter your information, and click the little box at the bottom to create a new account. Then look to your right. This is the opportunity to enter a coupon code. try SPRING17. There will be a few available to the first ones who reserve the session! Good luck 🙂


——->Click here to reserve your Spring Mini Session<——

Spring Mini Sessions

Spring Mini Sessions

Spring? Yes, it’s that time to start talking about Spring Mini Sessions!!! I mean, it’s been such a mild winter that I think we are going to have some gorgeous blooms this year! Who’s getting excited besides me? Well, enough with the small talk because I know you are dying for all the info!

So who can be in the session? Families (family of 6 or less), children, couples, teens, seniors, and babies (excluding newborns). I do ask that there are no more than 4 kids per mini. If there are more, then we will need to either schedule a back to back mini that day or a full session.

There will be minimal props used. I will bring a blanket, bowl, crate, and chair for kids.

Everyone who reserves a mini session will be entered to win a 16×24 gallery wrap canvas! Drawing will be held after all mini sessions have been completed. Winner will be chosen by rafflecopter.com ( an online company for drawings)

Spring Mini Sessions are $150 plus tax

What Comes With The Session:

25 minutes of shooting time

5 high resolution digital images

***Please note that 1/2 of the session fee is nonrefundable***

Deposit or full payment is due within 48 hours of reserving your session

Dates and Locations:

Sunday, March 20th – McKinney – 5:15, 5:45, 6:15, 6:45, & 7:15pm

Saturday April 2nd – Frisco – 5:15, 5:45, 6:15, 6:45, & 7:15

Friday April 15th – Richardson – 5:30, 6, 6:30, 7, & 7:30

Sunday April 17th  – Gunter – 5:30, 6, 6:30, 7, & 7:30

Times may alter slightly according to sunset. If I do make adjustments, I will contact you!

Instructions on booking:

Click on the link. A new screen will appear with 4 choices according to location. Click on the location you are interested in. Then you will be prompted to choose a time. Next, If you are a returning customer, and have created a Client Portal page with me, please choose returning customer, otherwise choose New Customer. If you are new to my client portal page, please check the box to register for a new account. Then click Book Event. I will then approve your session, and you will receive an email from me with an invoice total. At the bottom of the invoice will be 3 payment options: The $75 deposit, the remaining balance, and paying in full. Click the pay now to the right of your payment choice, and then at the top of the screen will be your information to verify that it is correct. Click continue, and then Pay with Paypal will appear. You can pay that way, or I have also created my normal payment option with Square, and click HERE. Square is how I have always collected payments in the past.

So now you want to reserve a session! Well, first of all I am super excited, honest! Click here: Spring Mini Session

Oh, did I mention that the first 3 people to reserve a mini session will get $25 off with the code: 25OFF?

So what happens after you reserve your session? I will send you a confirmation email confirming your session date and time. I will also send you a short questionnaire if you are a new with me. This will help me get to know you and your expectations! For the locations, I will let you know a little closer to the date for the purpose of choosing the best “Spring” looking location!

Be sure to reserve your session as soon as possible. They go quickly, and I will not be able to add anymore dates this season because we are welcoming a sweet baby boy to the family in May!