Homecoming and My Dynamic Mod Squads

There has been so very much going on over here at JLP. I am in full swing of getting back into the school routine, schedules, & more. I wanted to take a little break to show off a couple of things going on. Homecoming and even more exciting, my Dynamic Mod Squads.

Last week was one of my favorite weeks of the year……homecoming (in my amazing singing and yodeling voice). Here in Texas, football should have it’s own season! Spring, Summer, Friday night football, Fall, and sometimes Winter. Then in the middle of the Friday night football season is a week long celebration, and should be considered a holiday, called Homecoming!

We love homecoming. There are dress up days each day of the week for our kiddos attending school. A community wide tailgate party, where everyone, including the local businesses and churches, come out with food and festivities. At this tailgate party is where the annual Texas tradition of the mum exchange occurs. Oh these Texas mums. The bigger, the better! At the end of the tailgate party is the pep rally. Homecoming court nominees are recognized, we cheer on our favorite Tiger football players, cheerleaders, & band. Then we get to kick back and enjoy an amazing firework show put on by the amazing Davis & Miller Fireworks!

Thursdays, and sometimes Friday, of that week are for decorating the floats in the parade. Friday we have a full day, including an early release from school. The community parade starts shortly after, which by the way, shuts down our major highway coming through our small town. As a result, we travel a mile through town throwing candy and whatever we feel like to our friends along the streets. Next is the annual volleyball game at our high school, also a barbeque fundraiser, and finally, the big football game!

You are probably wondering what a Dynamic Mod Squad is. First of all, a long time ago I started thinking about doing a model rep program. In the photography world, a model rep program, in a nut shell, is a model or group of models, that represent your brand of photography. I never did anything but sit on it for a couple of years. Then this spring I saw a fellow photographer’s program, and it sparked my interest once again. This time, however, I looked at more than just the traditional programs. So rather than follow the traditional programs (which I really dislike this term for this group), I decided to tweak the several that I saw to make it my own.

Now, I’m so proud to introduce these girls to you! I broke them up into 2 groups: Dynamic Mod Squad consisting of 12th through 10th grade girls, and my Junior Dynamic Mod Squad consisting of girls in 9th through 7th grade!

Makenna, Neelie, Phoebe, Lana, Kiley, & Hayden

Above all, these girls are amazing. They were hand picked to be part of this exclusive program. We have the best laughs at our sessions. Even more, they truly mean the world to me, and I am so thankful to have them be apart of this new journey. We have so many great plans and sessions for these next few months. The best part is they get to be a major part in the entire planning process. I want their lights to shine, their creativity to flourish, and just be themselves!

Addison, Aubrey, Peyton, Kinley, Berkeley, & Kendall

These girls are so special. I look forward to building a lifelong friendship with them. Get to know their hearts, what they are passionate about, and what drives them. Being a tween/teen these days are incredibly hard. I remember how hard it was for me, and we didn’t have social media. I pray for them, and I hope you do too.

Finally, congratulate them on getting chosen to be with me on this new adventure. I can’t wait to share everything we do! Now that HOCO, or homecoming, is over, we can all breathe a little, and start preparing for our next fun session. Love each of you, and thank you for reading my blogs!

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